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All Aloe Vera cosmetic products combine perfectly the moisturizing, skin-protecting and regenerating properties. They prevent dryness of the skin and provide elasticity and youth fullness. They are easily absorbed, hydrate the skin, reduce wrinkles and revitalize the skin.

Aloe vera plant: Aloe vera (known as the desert lily, and botanically as Aloe barbadensis MILLER), thrives on meager desert soils and has about 160 different nutritionally and vitally valuable compounds stored in its leaves.
The interior of the leaves, the so-called mesophyll, has been valued for centuries as a medicinal agent and as an elixir for beauty and body care. The mesophyll is protected by a special structure called the cuticle on the exterior against desiccation, UV light, singeing by the sun, and nocturnal cold. Components necessary for the metabolism and survival of the plant are therefore stored in the plant's mesophyll.
This amazing storage site for moisture and vital compounds renders the aloe plant physically robust and resistant - a real survival artist. It can be regarded as one of the most remarkable creations of nature. It should not come as a great surprise that the mesophyll of aloe vera is very suitable for the extraction of juices with health promoting properties. The Mayans gave the highly effective juice of this desert plant the name "the fountain of youth".

  • Aloe Vera Night Cream
  • Aloe Vera Day Cream
Constituents and effects: The natural composition of individual components with their synergistically reinforcing activities characterizes the unique effect of aloe vera. Its uniqueness therefore lies in the complex interplay between its bioactive constituents. The ingredients may vary from plant to plant, depending on cultivation conditions and climate. The range of vital factors in the mesophyll is indeed enormous (refer to the table for a list).

Aloe vera has been attributed to stimulating physiological functions of the organism, increasing physiological defense, and stimulating anti-inflammatory activity. The isolation of the active substance "acemannan" was widely accredited in scientific circles. Acemannan and the recently detected aloeride are polysaccharides that contribute greatly to strengthening the activity of the immune system. Acemannan is considered important for skin tissues, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and bones.
The positive effects of aloe on skin cells have been known for a long time. Natural skin cell renewal and skin elasticity are both promoted, and premature skin aging is decelerated through protection of the skin cells against environmental damage.
The effects of Aloe vera are varied and complex. The extraordinary, naturally-defined composition of vital compounds makes aloe vera an ideal nutritional supplement.

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