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Through long adaptation to the extreme climate, arctic plants have developed unique lipid compositions for surviving under harsh conditions. The lipids in cell membranes are often highly unsaturated to maintain proper life activities under extremely low temperatures in winter. High contents of antioxidants are often present to protect the unsaturated lipids and other cellular components from temperature- and UV-induced oxidation. These natural compounds provide a great potential in helping skin cells fight against similar stresses.

ArktisMoor Cream
ArktisMoor® Cream is an exceptional cosmetic product containing the highly purified, white extract from arctic peat. Formed through thousands of years of accumulating and concentrating of the most time resistant bioactive compounds of the arctic plants, peat consists of a complex mixture of organic materials and is traditionally used for soothing and invigorating skin. Different peat bathes and peat masks constitute a strong part of the Spa Culture of the Northern countries. These usually involve handling large amount of dark coloured materials often cause undesired stains on clothing and facilities. It is therefore ideal to have in ArktisMoor® Cream the new highly purified extract from arctic peat with both highly concentrated bioactive compounds and a pleasant light colour. The supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) as a modern extraction technology ensures that the bioactive substances are extracted in their natural state, free of thermal and oxidation damages.

ArktisMoor® Cream therefore consists of a full spectrum of skin essential lipids. Scientific studies have shown that the arctic peat extract significantly improves skin hydration compared to control products. It also improved the elasticity of the periocular skin, the highly sensitive skin area around the eyes, and it decreased skin surface roughness. The combination with active compounds from grape seed provides an additional wrinkle-protective effect.

ArktisMoor® Cream is a 24-hours-cream for Her and for Him. It is also effective in the problematic skin area around the eyes.

ArktisMoor® Cream is free of perfumes. It is dermatologically tested and well tolerated.

ArktisMoor® Cream product line is completed by body lotion, cleanser, shower gel and shampoo.

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